We Are, Rare Breed.

Rare Breed was created with the singular purpose of inspiring people to use their maximum effort in everything they choose to do. Being rooted in athletics, and inspired by teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, equipment managers, physical therapist and teammates (the core of what makes up a team); they're all aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes. The work that no one sees. The work that many don't want to do. The work that enables you to perform at the highest level when people are watching. Our Story is based on and resonates with all the personal challenges that people go through behind closed doors to make it to the arena. Whether that arena is a football field, hockey rink, a softball stadium or the game of life. Rare Breed acknowledges and represents not necessarily game day performances but we applaud the 6 am workouts that prepare you for the task at hand. That's who we are, and that is what Rare Breed stands for.