John Ciurciu came from an immigrant family that instilled in him the importance of working hard, overcoming your struggles and never taking no for an answer. He started out as standout All-Star athlete at Elmwood Park High School, where he played football, basketball and track. Then went on to be the Captain of the football team at Valley Forge Military Academy. Continuing his athletic success he went to Rutgers University where he played with the football team from 1998 -2000. He was then signed with the New York Jets as a free agent. Through his success he moved on to inspire and train youth as one of the top coaches at Don Bosco Prep. Recognized by Nike football, he is considered one of the top 50 high school strength coaches in the country. Throughout his career as a coach he has trained over hundred division one athlete and countless NFL, NBA, MLB. His professional athletic endeavors and coaching career made him a rare breed to stand out in a crowd and give him the strength to overcome many obstacles. He now inspires others to follow their dreams and achieve more than they ever thought possible and fully embrace what makes them a Rare Breed.      Contact: jc.rarebreed@gmail.com 

Stef Z was born and raised on Long Island, NY, and from a very young age loved to challenge the status quo in an attempt to figure out why things worked the way they did. After graduating with a BFA in design and photography from UNC- Greensboro, she drove cross-country and has been living in California ever since. In 2007, Stef decided to go after a dream of designing a clothing line. With little funds, a big idea, a 500-watt halogen bulb, a darkroom built in her hallway, and a bathtub for making screens, Wet Cement was started. Within four years, Wet Cement became a multi-million dollar company. Wet Cement has been sold at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom’s.  Taking a short break from the fashion industry to explore her other passion of hosting, she became more in tune with her love for sports, business, and talking with people. You can catch her weekly on Indie100 as part of The Crooked Crew, bi-weekly on The Morning Score, a show that covers all things sports on UBN Network, and on Afterbuzz TV, where she currently covers Shark Tank, Monday Night Football, and various other network TV shows. As a host she brings her knowledge of fashion, sports, and travel to the table to be able to talk with her guests about what interests them the most. Some of her celebrity interviews include Mark Cuban, Abby Wambach, and Gabriel Reece. Defining Rare Breed on the daily Stef continues to have a spirit that will push boundaries, create new perspectives and bring unlikely characters together.  After learning what John had created with Rare Breed Lifestyle and how they both have a similar message and view on life, she knew it was time to get back involved and build this brand with John.