"I believe in hard work, never taking no for an answer, and chasing your dreams."

John Ciurciu - Founder Rare Breed Athletic Apparel

Our Founder and leader, John Ciurciu, came from an immigrant family that instilled in him the importance of working hard, overcoming  struggles, and never taking no for an answer.

From very humble beginnings, he has had an illustrious athletic career, as a 3-sport All-Star athlete at Elmwood Park High School in New Jersey, Captain of the football team at Valley Forge Military Academy, and on the Rutgers University football team from 1998 -2000, eventually signing with the New York Jets as a free agent.

From our Founder

“I believe in hard work, never taking no for an answer, and chasing your dreams. My professional life, athletic endeavors, and my coaching career have not come easy, but I've decided to never give up on what I believe in; to strive to always be the best... I created Rare Breed as a way to remind others this is all possible.  I want to deliver that message to the public and try to inspire people; because everyone has struggles, everyone may fall short sometimes, but as individuals we all are a “Rare Breed”, with the ability to follow our dreams and achieve our goals.”

be inspired by our heroes

Chris Napoli

Chris was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in July 2014, and immediately began treatment at the Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center, facing his grueling treatments with determination, courage and indomitable spirit.

He graduated college in 2017 after completing his final semesters undergoing chemotherapy treatments and dealing with side effects. This herculean effort was just the starting point for Chris who, being a rare breed, has used his experience, his skill, and his talent to help give back to his community.

Bill Squires

Navy veteran, former president of the Stadium Managers Association, and an integral member of the New York Giants family, Bill Squires is an exceptional Rare Breed.

A hero to his family, Bill contracted Covid-19 in the spring of 2020. Though he self-quarantined immediately, his symptoms deteriorated until he was admitted to hospital and placed on a ventilator and sedated for weeks.

Be Inspired Everyday

The Inspire Collection has been designed to help you find the inspiration to dream big, dig deep, and reach your goals. Rare Breed is inspired by everyday heroes from our community, people who are inspiring others every day.

$1 from each product sold in the Inspiration Collection will be donated to two inspirational non-profit organizations.

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